So … You Work from Home?

So … You Work from Home?

I have been so fortunate to have been able to work from home for the past 15 years. When people ask me what I do for a living and I say “I work from home”, their immediate response is “You’re so lucky. I wish I could work from home”.

After working at home for 15 years, here are some of the things that I have noticed:

  1. I have designated myself as the unofficial neighborhood watch. From where I sit at my office desk, I can see the entire neighborhood. I know what time the elderly lady walks out to get her mail, when the neighbor is walking his dog, and if there is a strange car driving around the hood. This makes me the unofficial neighborhood watch person. It’s not that I am being nosy, it’s just that I like to look out my window. Staring at a computer screen all day long can get a little boring.
  2. I get dressed … sometimes. My morning routine consists of getting up, get a shower and decide what color of sweatpants I am going to wear that particular day. If it’s summer out, I decide if it is going to be the blue shorts or the red shorts. Choices, choices, choices. AND if it’s winter, I don’t decide at all because I stay in my PJs.
  3. I get very excited when somebody calls, even a telemarketer or a “representative of the IRS”. They have no idea how badly I want to talk so I can stay on the phone with them for 10 minutes. Funny thing is, THEY hang up on ME (not the other way around). They are getting a rundown of my day even without asking.
  4. When I have a good hair day, I will go to the mail box TWICE. Let’s face it, if you work from home you may never brush your hair, but on the days when you DO make the effort, you need to show it off and I like to make the most of it.
  5. Since there is nobody to talk to (except the dogs), I basically narrate my life. By that I mean I will say to myself (out loud mind you), “It’s cold in here. I think I will turn up the heat” or “I’m hungry. I think I will get me something to eat”. The sad thing is, I do that so often that I don’t even know I am doing it.
  6. I think I am losing my driving skills. Seriously. I have been driving for over 35 years. I have put on only 17,000 miles in the past 2 years on my car. Working from home has made me think maybe I need to get in the Driver’s Ed van at school and go through Driver’s Ed again.
  7. Do you know my idea of office gossip? To me, office gossip consists of what people are posting on FB. I comment and like their statuses and then realize I really need to get out of the house … but that would require changing into real clothes.
  8. The dogs bark at THE most inconvenient time. If somebody tries to break in, they do not bark. The kids come in the back door, they do not bark. As soon as I have a phone conference with my boss, the dogs start barking. IT NEVER FAILS!! No amount of waving my hands wildly at them and telling them to shoosh does a bit of good.

The “struggle” of working from home is real…. and I would not change I know I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams.

Until next time, wishing you

Much health and happiness, with a big splash of humor…




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  1. Love this post! These are the exact thinks I love about working from home. And a far as the gossip around the water cooler, we do just fine using messenger, zoom and Facetime! Wouldn’t want it any other way!

  2. Love your outlook on life…”and working from home”. Look forward to your next post.

    1. Author

      Thank you so much Deb B. Who woulda thought a radiology transcriptionist would be setting up her own website? LOL

    1. Author

      I know, right? For me it’s particularly the one about narrating my life. I catch myself doing that ALOT!

  3. Love this blog Carla. Please don’t stop I love your humor and you

    1. Author

      Awww thank you Mary! Right back atcha my friend!

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