**YUM ALERT** **YUM ALERT** If you are looking for a quick, full of deliciousness snack, then look no further. This recipe is so simple and satisfies that ever present sweet tooth. My entire family loves them! These are what I consider “must haves” to keep me on track to a healthier me. Healthier Alternative to Cookie Dough 3/4 cup of vanilla protein powder (I use Plexus 96 vanilla protein powder) 2 TBSP of peanut butter or nut butter. 1 TBSP of milk (skim, almond or coconut whatever works.) 1 TBSP of chocolate chips. Mix until a dough like consistency Enjoy!!!! Roll into balls and freeze or you canRead More →

Happy Birthday to me! On March 31, 1964, at around 6 p.m., I had the enormous pleasure of meeting my mom for the very first time. The first thing I thought of this morning was 1964? Really? When I have to scroll down to look for the year 1964 on my phone, I have to REALLY scroll. When did THAT happen?  Wasn’t David Cassidy just THE hottest thing in Tiger Beat (is that magazine around anymore?) Really, is my 35th year class reunion really THIS summer? Didn’t I JUST graduate high school? And weren’t now my adult children JUST toddlers? Goodness! Time passes in an instant. I have to confessRead More →

11 tips to feel happier

What brings happiness? What does it take for you to feel happy? For your heart to skip a beat and have a spring in your step? Here are some quick tips that can help you feel HAPPY in your everyday life: 1) Your attitude makes you feel happy or unhappy. Always look at the bright side of things. Don’t let your mind dwell on negativity and difficulties. Learn to be happy. Look for the good in every situation, because there IS good in every situation. Sometimes we just have to look for it.Read More →

If you are like the other gazillion people who tune in to watch “This is Us” Tuesday nights on NBC, you probably went through a box of Kleenex after watching the most recent episode where Randall and William travel back to William’s old stomping grounds. I was doing okay through the first 2 minutes of the show. Well, not really. That’s a lie. I came undone when William’s daddy was singing “You are My Sunshine” to his unborn baby. Why? Because my Mom would sing that song to us growing up. Now that my Mom is in the nursing home and doesn’t remember much, she ALWAYS remembers theRead More →

Hello and welcome to my new blog! I am so excited to begin my own personal journey into this thing called blogging. I have so much that I want to talk about and share with you including my personal wellness journey, how I am madly in love with farmhouse dĂ©cor, and how my family and I are getting out of debt, one credit card bill at a time! Check back often!Read More →