For the Love of a Dachshund

For the Love of a Dachshund

Who else, besides me, is proudly pet owned? I have been pet owned by 3 sweet dachshunds for the past 10 years.  My grandson asked me the other day why I love dachshunds so much. My love affair with these adorable pups began when I was a little girl. I can remember my aunt and uncle had dachshunds (one was named Low-Girl and the other Molly). I have always thought they were just.too.darn.cute.


Fast forward 35 years and 3 kids later, we decided to get a dachshund. We found somebody who sold dachshunds, so we put our name on the waiting list. And we waited. For what seemed like a long time (it was actually only probably 2 or 3 months). We decided we were going to get a girl dachshund, name her Dolly and dress her up in cute doggie clothes. Wellllll, we fell in love with the runt of the group who by the way was a boy dog. We all fell hopelessly in love with Oscar (his full name was Oscar Mayer Weiner Metzger Huhn). We forgot (and I use that word loosely) to tell my husband we were bringing home a puppy. However, being the good guy that he is (and once he got over the shock of a newborn puppy in the house), he became Oscar’s favorite human being hands down. We were totally in love with this dog. And he was spoiled.rotten. Unfortunately, like a lot of dachshunds, Oscar had ruptured a disc in his back which required surgery.  I need to give a big shout out here to  for taking such good care of us. We were “slightly” (again, that word is loosely used) freaked out. We ended up taking him to St. Louis for a successful back surgery (thank you God) and then a month of water physical therapy. Yes, we did all of that for our dog, and we would do it again without any hesitation. The option of putting him down was not even on our minds. We had a few more great years with Oscar (he ended up being able to walk again) until he passed away.  Have you heard the quote “the hardest part about owning a dog is having to say good bye”? It is so true! The heartache.was.real. I was so upset that I would not move his bed or his dog food bowls (and when they did get moved by a friend, I had a small anxiety attack (maybe I’m a tad over dramatic). I decided never, ever, ever to have another dog. Famous last words.


Fast forward 1 year, yes, 1 year. We were dogless for 1 entire year. We didn’t have a dog hogging the bed, we didn’t have a dog anxiously waiting for us to get home, we didn’t have dog toys in the house. We didn’t have to worry about a dog being home alone when we were gone and who was going to go home and take him/her out. The carpets had all been replaced. My mind was set on no more dogs. We were approached by somebody who had rescued 2 dachshunds and wanted to know if we wanted one of them. I said NO for 3 weeks. Three whole weeks. The kids were begging to go look at the puppy. Finally, I said okay but my exact words were “I will go look at this puppy but in NO WAY are we bringing him home”.  Jack became a member of our family 1 hour later. I could not resist. I knew we were good pet parents and that we could give him a good home. How can you say no to a puppy that comes running straight to you? I was a goner when I picked him up and held him in my arms.


I thought 1 dog was enough. My daughter Kadi would watch rescue shelter posts for dachshunds that needed rescued. She has THE softest heart for dogs, especially dachshunds (and that’s a good thing). Mind you, I said yes to 1 dog, no to the thought of having 2 dogs. That didn’t stop her. She messaged me a post on a dachshund that needed rescued at  and said PLEASE can we look at him? Oh those eyes of that sweet puppy. I should have never looked at his picture. I put us on the waiting list to get a chance to adopt him. Three days later, we welcomed Snickers Huhn to the family.

Now we have 2 dachshunds that hog our bed (we ended up getting a king sized bed). We have 2 sets of dog bowls. We have lots of doggie toys to play with. We have the unconditional love of 2 dogs. We get twice the tail wags when we come through the door. We have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of 2 puppies who were in dire need of being rescued, when in reality, I think they are the ones who rescued us. My entire family is pet owned, and we would not have it any other way.

We will always be a rescue family. THANK YOU to all of the rescue parents and to the hard working volunteers who rescue animals out of horrific circumstances and find forever homes for them. Without you, many dogs who are in desperate need of rescue would not have the chance for a happy forever home. I am grateful for you (and so are Jack and Snickers and countless other dogs who have been saved).

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Until next time,

With much happiness and health with a big splash of humor,

Proudly pet owned,


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