Happy 30th Birthday: Where Did the Time Go?

30th birthday

Happy 30th Birthday: Where Did the Time Go?

Birthday celebration
Happy Birthday Ashley!

30th birthday. On Monday my oldest child will be 30. 30! Where did the time go?

I blinked. First time sleeping through the night, first steps, first words, first tooth, first haircut, first birthday. The year of firsts passed all too quick.

I blinked. That sweet baby girl went to her first day of kindergarten. Little did she know that I stood at the fence and watched her play on the playground until the bell rang and she went inside (I was probably, no, most definitely crying).

I blinked and that little girl was all about The Little Mermaid. If it had Little Mermaid on it, she had it. Her favorite thing to wear was her Little Mermaid swimsuit, and she wore that thing all of the time.

I blinked. That little girl became a big sister at the age of 7 and did not want to go back to school the summer after her brother was born. She cried the whole way to school because she wanted to stay home with me and Nicholas.

I blinked again. That little girl became a big sister again at the age of 10. I don’t think she cried when she had to go back to school because by then she had her group of friends and really, Mom wasn’t all that cool (and neither were her younger siblings).

I blinked. That sweet little girl became a tween and before I knew it, we were having slumber parties with giggling girls, lots of food, little sleep, and lots of fun. However, if she was invited to a friend’s house to stay all night, we would get a phone call in the middle of the night to come pick her up, she wanted to come home (I wish that would have held true when she was in her early 20s).

I blinked. That sweet baby girl was in high school. We had a surprise 16th birthday party. She had a job at the DQ and had her driver’s license.  The fun times were really beginning now.

I blinked. She graduated high school and went on to KC where she got her Associates Degree and then went to esthetician school where she became a licensed esthetician (she does amazing facials BTW) which led her to owning her own business (which is a very big deal).

I blinked. That sweet baby girl got married and had her first child, making me a Nana for the first time and making herself a Mom.

I blinked. That sweet baby girl will be celebrating her 30th birthday.  I will be a Nana for the second time in February 2018 and she will become a mom for the second time.

I look back at our 30 years together; the good, the bad and the not so good times. Those years have went by way too fast.  It’s funny how you can remember things 30 years ago but you can’t remember what you did with your car keys some days.  I can picture in my mind the way her room was decorated when we brought her home all of those years ago. I can remember what my heart felt like the first time I held her in my arms (even though she beat me out of the delivery room). I could hear my family oohing and aahing through the nursery window as I was still in the delivery room getting a bunch of stitches that were so.very.worth.it.  I can remember that baby smell. I LOVE the way a baby smells. I remember  being in total awe of such a sweet bundle of blessing. I remember mostly of being thankful that I had the opportunity to be her mom (and I STILL feel that way).

The past 30 years have also brought our relationship to where we are more than just mother and daughter. We are friends.  Maybe it’s because she is a mother herself. Maybe it’s because we have lost people we loved and we realize that time is precious.  We talk every day on the phone about life. I see her more now than I did 10 years ago.  It has occurred to me that she has become me and I have become my Mom. My relationship with my own mom became even more precious to me once I started having kids (because I figured out that Mom DID know best).

So, happy 30th birthday Ashley. Your birthday was one of the happiest days of my life. I hope you receive blessings upon blessings this year and for all of the years to come.  I am so very glad you are mine.

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