Who else, besides me, is proudly pet owned? I have been pet owned by 3 sweet dachshunds for the past 10 years.  My grandson asked me the other day why I love dachshunds so much. My love affair with these adorable pups began when I was a little girl. I can remember my aunt and uncle had dachshunds (one was named Low-Girl and the other Molly). I have always thought they were just.too.darn.cute. Oscar Fast forward 35 years and 3 kids later, we decided to get a dachshund. We found somebody who sold dachshunds, so we put our name on the waiting list. And we waited.Read More →

Who gets excited when they go down a pant size? If you are anything like me, you have been on a diet roller coaster most of your life. I can remember really starting to have trouble with my weight when I was 23 years old, so I feel like most of my life I have been losing weight, gaining it back, repeat. Some days I thought it would just be best to be “pleasantly fluffy” and eat that gallon of ice cream (ice cream is my all time favorite food). However, reality is that this is not a healthy lifestyle (though I wish it was),Read More →

I love to talk. I talk so much that I go to Wal-Mart by myself because my family doesn’t want to spend 3 hours in there with me while I talk to people. Part of that I attribute to working from home and only having the dogs to talk to and part of it is because I just love.to.talk. HOWEVER, you put me in front of a Facebook Live and I become a nervous wreck. BUT, I have made it my goal to get out of my comfort zone this year and Facebook Live is definitely one of those things that make me very uncomfortable. So,Read More →

Hi readers! From time to time, I am going to feature guest bloggers on my website. When I come across somebody who can provide value to my friends’ lives, I am going to feature them on this blog. As a lot of you know from reading Facebook, I have a love of couponing. I love to save money, and honestly, who doesn’t? I came across a fascinating couponer by the name of Emily Oglesby Collins who has helped me, along with hundreds of other people, stock our shelves at extremely LOW prices (I will not need detergent for 6 months; name brand detergent for CHEAP). Here is Emily’s story. Enjoy!! From aRead More →

This is the week that I will stand in the card aisle at my favorite store and sob. Okay, I sob other times in the card aisle because seriously, those cards can really get to me (who writes those things anyway??). The sentiments in the Mother Day’s cards echo the exact same sentiments I have of my own mom.  Even though her mind might not always know who I am, I am 100% convinced that her heart knows exactly who I am. I am hers. These hands are my mother’s. I think they are the most beautiful hands in the entire world. When I lookRead More →

HOPE.  How many times a day do we use that word? “I hope I pass the test”, “I hope the day goes smoothly”, “I hope my furnace works”, “I hope I don’t get fired” (these are things I have been known to say). We use the word HOPE on a routine basis. But what does the word HOPE mean to you? I have been thinking a LOT about this word lately. This is what I think hope is: Hope is the ability to trust and believe that things will turn out okay. When difficult times occur, people fall back on hope, believing that they will get through theRead More →

As I was grocery shopping the other night, I couldn’t help but notice the crying of a toddler who cried her way through the entire store and it was the ENTIRE store. Was I annoyed? No, I was jealous. Jealous because that was me not that long ago pushing 2 kids in a cart with 1 or both of them crying throughout the store (or dropping a jar of blueberry baby food in the baby food aisle and hearing over the intercom, cleanup in aisle 6). Yes, I have been there. I have been right where you are today. Just getting home from an 8Read More →

I have been so fortunate to have been able to work from home for the past 15 years. When people ask me what I do for a living and I say “I work from home”, their immediate response is “You’re so lucky. I wish I could work from home”. After working at home for 15 years, here are some of the things that I have noticed: I have designated myself as the unofficial neighborhood watch. From where I sit at my office desk, I can see the entire neighborhood. I know what time the elderly lady walks out to get her mail, when the neighbor is walking hisRead More →

Happy Birthday to me! On March 31, 1964, at around 6 p.m., I had the enormous pleasure of meeting my mom for the very first time. The first thing I thought of this morning was 1964? Really? When I have to scroll down to look for the year 1964 on my phone, I have to REALLY scroll. When did THAT happen?  Wasn’t David Cassidy just THE hottest thing in Tiger Beat (is that magazine around anymore?) Really, is my 35th year class reunion really THIS summer? Didn’t I JUST graduate high school? And weren’t now my adult children JUST toddlers? Goodness! Time passes in an instant. I have to confessRead More →