A Note of Encouragement to Young Moms .. From a Mom Who Has Been There

A Note of Encouragement to Young Moms .. From a Mom Who Has Been There

As I was grocery shopping the other night, I couldn’t help but notice the crying of a toddler who cried her way through the entire store and it was the ENTIRE store. Was I annoyed? No, I was jealous. Jealous because that was me not that long ago pushing 2 kids in a cart with 1 or both of them crying throughout the store (or dropping a jar of blueberry baby food in the baby food aisle and hearing over the intercom, cleanup in aisle 6). Yes, I have been there.

I have been right where you are today. Just getting home from an 8 hour workday, two kids on each hip, another one needing shuffled to Girl Scouts or some other extra-curricular activity (after we managed to finish her homework somehow while I cooked dinner) and the overwhelming dread of having to get us all ready for the next day.  It is so overwhelming.

And those days, right where you are right now, are the BEST days of your life. The sticky floors, the toys scattered everywhere in the house (how in the world did we get so many toys?), the kitchen sink full of dishes that need to find their way into the dishwasher, the overwhelming TO DO list of things that never get done, the endless bedtime stories; yep, these are the best days of your life.

I know right now you are thinking, “Carla, you have lost your freaking mind”. When you are in the middle of all of this, you cannot even begin to imagine how THESE days can be the best days of your life. Oh, but they are. For every dirty diaper, dirty dish, the lack of a shower for yourself, snotty nose, or just a minute of alone time, you get the endless laughter, kisses, snuggles and unconditional love of that sweet bundle of joy. They don’t care that you smell or your hair hasn’t been brushed in a few days; all they care about is YOU. You are their entire life, and that makes these the best days of your life.

I remember when I was in the middle of all of the chaos and confusion, somebody told me “these days will fly by”. I laughed hard. I could not begin to fathom my life without diapers, a missing pacifier (or 2), a missing favorite blanket (where in the world IS that blanket?), an ear infection, a messy house, or going grocery shopping by myself (let alone go to the bathroom by myself). But those days do.

And before you know it, you find yourself able to keep the house picked up, the toys replaced by their phones, fitbits and car keys, being able to go to the bathroom by yourself, going shopping without having to load the car up with diaper bags and car seats,  you don’t lose your shoe on a sticky kitchen floor and you MISS IT. You will replace the laughter and chaos with peace and quiet, and really, is peace and quiet all that great?

So, to every young mom who is going through the store with a crying child, enjoy this time of your life. These days will be gone before you know it, and you will look back and realize yes, these were the best days of my life. I promise you that.

With much health, happiness and a big splash of humor,




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